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B'nai Brith Condemns Iran's Attempt to Trivialize Holocaust

Iran’s annual international cartoon contest, which trivializes the Holocaust and compares Israel's treatment of Palestinians to the horrors of the Nazi regime, perpetuates antisemitic stereotypes, B’nai Brith Canada says. The contest, which began May 14, runs for two weeks and has already received 150 entries from over 50 countries. Continue reading

U of T bans group for inviting a Holocaust denier to speak on campus

After a condemnation from B’nai Brith following a notorious Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist’s lecture at the University of Toronto’s JJR Macleod Auditorium on April 29, 2016, the university responded by banning Modern Knowledge, the promotional group which brought O’Keefe to campus, from booking any halls or venues on campus in the future. Continue reading

U of T Bans Group Responsible for Bringing in Neo-Nazi

B'nai Brith Canada applauds a decision by the University of Toronto to ban a group that recruited neo-Nazi Ken O'Keefe to speak at its St. George campus in late April. B'nai Brith expressed outrage in a press release May 9 that O'Keefe was allowed to deliver hateful and antisemitic lectures at the Beit Zatoun Palestinian cultural centre and the University of Toronto on April 28 and 29. Continue reading

Neo­-Nazi Ken O’Keefe Spreads Hatred at U of T

B’nai Brith Canada is expressing outrage over hateful and antisemitic lectures delivered by Ken O’Keefe at the Beit Zatoun Palestinian cultural centre and the University of Toronto on April 28 and 29. These lectures occurred just days before Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day,  which commemorates the 6-million Jews slaughtered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Continue reading

B'nai Briths Audit 2016 Released

  There has been a general increase of harassment toward Jewish people in Canada during the past five years, B’nai Brith Canada reports in its latest Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents. Continue reading

Video: Mohammed Khalifeh Encourages Destruction of Israel, Infidels

The man who denied this week having written an editorial promoting 'resistance' as a 'sacred duty of Jihad', and who was subsequently suspended from his position with the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County, once posted a video that glamorizes Gaza-based terror groups.  On November 18, 2012, Mohammed Khalifeh, the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of Al Forqan Newspaper‎ printed in Windsor, posted a video on his Facebook page accompanied with the following caption: “The grandsons of al-Mukhatr – a poem dedicated to the mujahideen of Gaza and Palestine. We ask Allah to help them, to plant their feet firmly. I hope you like it.” Continue reading

Supporter of Violent ‘Resistance’ Suspended

The author of an editorial that proclaimed support for acts of violence as a sacred duty has been suspended from his position with the Windsor Multicultural Council. The Windsor Multicultural Council is a body that receives funds from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and is intimately connected with the welcoming and resettlement of Syrian refugees.   Continue reading

B’nai Brith: Windsor’s Arabic Language Al Forqan Newspaper Promotes Jihad, Endangers Canadians

February 26, 2016, TORONTO — B’nai Brith is condemning an editorial by Mohammed Hisham Khalifeh, published in Windsor’s Arabic language Al Forqan newspaper, reported as lauding the ongoing spree of attacks against civilians in Israel as a ‘sacred duty of jihad’.   Continue reading
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