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B’nai Brith Pleased After Real Estate Firm Parts Ways With Antisemite

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October 25, 2023

MISSISSAGUA, Ont. – B’nai Brith Canada is pleased with the news that notorious antisemite Nazih Khatatba has been discharged from his role as a sales representative because of his history of hate.

Khatatba was recently hired by RE/MAX Canada, but B’nai Brith strongly objected to the idea of employing the Holocaust distorter after discovering his new position.

“B’nai Brith and the Jewish community are feeling a sense of relief now that RE/MAX has made this sensible decision to part ways with Khatatba,” said Michael Mostyn, B’nai Brith Canada’s Chief Executive Officer. “He is an unabashed terrorist sympathizer who celebrated the Hamas massacre of Jews on Oct. 7.”

A translation of an Oct. 7 Facebook post by Khatatba (Facebook)

Khatatba is the editor of an Arabic-language newspaper, Al-Meshwar, which regularly publishes inflammatory, antisemitic, pro-terrorist content. Over the years, articles in the paper have praised a 2014 massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue, called Judaism a “terrorist religion,” referred to Israel as the “Auschwitz State,” blamed Jews for the Holocaust and glorified suicide bombings. In 2020, B’nai Brith succeeded in persuading the Government of Ontario to pull ads from Khatatba’s antisemitic outlet. Khatatba also once called antisemitism a “fairy tale.”

“His rhetoric is dangerous, and he should be shunned,” Mostyn said. “We thank RE/MAX for taking the concerns of the Jewish community seriously.”