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B’nai Brith Canada Concerned About Incitement Following ICJ Decision

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The International Court of Justice (

January 26, 2024

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – B’nai Brith Canada is concerned about the potential negative domestic ramifications of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)’s decision today that raised concerns of irreparable prejudice to the Palestinian people as a result of the ongoing Israel-Hamas War.

In making its provisional judgement, the ICJ declined to rule on South Africa’s claim that international law required the imposition of an immediate cease-fire, which would have greatly benefited Hamas.

However, in response to a South African complaint alleging that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people, the ICJ opined that there was the potential for there to be irreparable prejudice resulting from the present conflict. As a result, the Court ordered that Israel must continue to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to ensure compliance with international law and must permit additional humanitarian aid to enter the enclave.

The Court continued to assert that it is not yet in a position to judge the totality of the claims brought forth in the South African application.

“There is the legitimate potential that the ICJ’s provisional judgement will have an adverse impact on Canadian Jewry,” said Richard Robertson, B’nai Brith Canada’s Director of Research and Advocacy. “Today’s ruling, which brings into question the legitimacy of Israel’s present actions in Gaza, will only intensify the anti-Israel demonstrations routinely occurring across the country. That is why this is a nightmare scenario for Canadian Jews, as past protests have led to increased incitement against the Jewish community.”

Earlier this month, B’nai Brith Canada was a co-author of a joint submission to the ICJ strongly refuting the allegations by South Africa that Israel is committing a genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

The South African assertions are focused on Israel’s actions in response to Hamas’ brutal Oct. 7 attacks, a vicious onslaught during which the terrorists murdered approximately 1,200 innocent Israeli civilians, engaged in acts of sexual violence, and kidnapped hundreds from their homes, including children and seniors. An estimated 132 hostages remain in captivity in Gaza.

“B’nai Brith Canada will continue to advocate for Israel’s right to defend itself,” Robertson said. “It is deeply unfortunate that some countries are attempting to use the ICJ as a venue through which to unduly prosecute Israel’s defensive response to Hamas’ terrorism.”