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Al-Quds Day

Best of the Worst at the Toronto Al-Quds Day Rally Here is a video of people interviewed at the al-Quds Day rally in Toronto on July 2, 2016. Some of the comments will astound you. Small Crowd Turns Out for Edmonton Al-Quds Day Hatefest The Alberta Legislative Building, ordinarily the daily meeting place for many …

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Clothing Donation

B’nai Brith Canada is proud to offer an easy solution for those looking to donate items but have too much for our donation boxes. Continuing with the Jewish custom of tzedakah, we respectfully suggest donating them to B’nai Brith. These can be items of a deceased loved one, a downsizing move, or an estate purge. B’nai …

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Discrimination in the Workplace

Have you been the victim of harassment or discrimination in the workplace? Wondering what you can do?   What is discrimination? Under Canadian human rights law, discrimination in the workplace consists of treating a person or group of persons negatively or differently, based on a prohibited ground of discrimination. Discrimination may be direct or indirect, …

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Antisemitism on Campus

Student Information Guides A Guide to Fighting Antisemitism on Campus 2017-18 (English)  Un Guide Pour Combattre L’Antisémitisme Sur Le Campus 2017-18 (French) BB on Campus Introductory Package (English) BB on Campus Introductory Package (French) Antisemitism on college and university campuses is a growing concern. B’nai Brith Canada is dedicated to working with students across the …

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