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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Many were upset by the decision of Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling ice cream in the West Bank. This is another example of Israel being unfairly singled out because the company has no plans of halting its sales in other countries riddled by conflict.

B’nai Brith did not just deplore Ben & Jerry’s decision but took action. Chief Executive Officer, Michael Mostyn, contacted the CEOs of Canada’s leading grocery chains and asked them to stop stocking products of Ben & Jerry’s.

“We encourage all consumers of good conscience to vote with their wallets, and let major grocery retailers understand that Ben & Jerry’s is no longer a brand we want to see on Canadian store shelves.”

Many companies and governmental jurisdictions throughout the world have begun to drop Ben & Jerry’s products or to apply other appropriate sanctions.

It has been reported that the states of Florida and Texas may prevent future investments and contracts with Unilever if its Ben & Jerry’s subsidiary does not change its discriminatory position within the near future.

Join B’nai Brith Canada and sign a letter to all major Canadian grocery chains asking them to stop stocking Ben & Jerry’s products.