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WATCH: B’nai Brith Video Exposes Misuse of Canadian Taxdollars in Gaza

November 9, 2023

B’nai Brith has released a video exposing Hamas’ misappropriation of Canadian tax dollars in Gaza.

Among other details, the video demonstrates that the Gaza Strip has received enough money from the international community, including Canada, to build a world-class healthcare system, hundreds of schools and a robust infrastructure. Instead of investing in their own citizens, the Hamas terrorists have purchased rockets to launch at Israel and constructed a labyrinthine tunnel network underneath the territory.

“The information in this video boggles the mind,” said Michael Mostyn, B’nai Brith Canada’s Chief Executive Officer. “So many people are talking about ‘humanitarian pauses’ or sending more aid to the citizens of Gaza – but they do not seem to realize how much money has already been sent to the region and misused and abused by Hamas terrorists.”

Watch the video to learn more.