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WARMINGTON: Cops aware of ‘confession’ video by woman admitting anti-Semitic Starbucks attack

The Toronto Sun

November 17, 2023

Cops aware of video by woman admitting anti-Semitic Starbucks attack | Toronto Sun

By Joe Warmington

Police say they “aware” of a shocking social media confession video of a woman admitting she was involved in the anti-Semitic graffiti attack on a Toronto Starbucks coffee shop. 

Toronto Police is aware of the video,” spokesperson Stephanie Sayer said Friday.

“Any additional information about this incident, including arrests, will be provided via news release.” 

The video is stunning, not only in what the woman claims she did, but the glee in which she acknowledges it. 

“Yes, last night did I commit what you may think was a crime? Maybe,” said the woman, who posted the video on Instagram.

“But it’s not a crime to me. I am fighting for justice.” 

The woman, who also had other posts — since deleted — appearing to be related to the overnight attack on a Starbucks window in the Eglinton Ave. W. and Bathurst St. area that was noticed Thursday morning, claimed in this video that she committed the crime. “I vandalized a Starbucks beside me,” she said.

“And then I posed for the camera. I didn’t even cover my face. I am not a criminal; I am fighting for peace.” She also said that during the vandalism “some f***ing little Jewish boy and his girlfriend pulled up and said, ‘What do you think that’s going to do.’ I said I don’t know, we are going to see, right.” This incident shocked the community. The messages about Starbucks having “blood on its hands” included writing on the window glass and some signs taped to the door. 

Toronto Police were at the scene Thursday and taking fingerprints. The woman in the video said she had already been contacted by police. “I wake up in the morning the cops are calling on me,” she said. 

Toronto Police have not commented beyond saying they are aware of the vide. Noah Shack of the United Jewish Appeal said Thursday that he was told Toronto Police were hard at work on this case and he had confidence that arrests are coming. 

It will be interesting to see once arrests do come if there is any link to the numerous other vile attacks on Jewish businesses such as Aroma Cafe or Cafe Landwer. Whatever happens, it’s clear that this is out of control in Toronto and must be stopped. 

“The incitement in our cities continues to grow,” said B’nai Brith CEO Michael Mostyn. “Who could have imagined that someone would proudly celebrate and justify committing acts of criminal vandalism?” 

So far the woman in the video has not been announced to have been charged and no case against her has been tested in court. She is innocent until proven guilty. But Chief Myron Demkiw and Deputy Chief Lauren Pogue have been loud and clear on what will happen if anyone commits crimes against people because of their religion or race. The Toronto Police Hate Crimes Unit has been expanded from four officers to 20 and, sources say, is working on this case.

It’s such a busy time for police. In addition to the investigation about the Starbucks, on this Friday, the city has seen protesters invade the lobbies of both RBC and Scotiabank headquarters. 

“Our authorities must take immediate actions to preserve the rule of law in this country or we risk the normalization of hate,” said Mostyn. 

Stay tuned. Toronto Police have hinted there will be some news coming soon.