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Three Ways for the Government to Combat Iran

The Iranian regime has been guilty of gross human rights violations since its inception in 1979.

The regime’s many crimes have included: the mass execution of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988, terrorist attacks around the world such as the bombing of an Argentina Jewish community centre, the use of child soldiers, the persecution of religious minorities, the sponsorship of antisemitic demonstrations and propaganda events, the execution of homosexuals, and the funding of violent terrorist groups throughout the region.

Most recently, the regime was responsible for callously shooting down a Ukrainian civilian passenger flight – killing 57 innocent Canadians who were on board. And the people responsible for all of this are seeking to develop nuclear weapons, to further amplify the damage they can do.

A repressive regime that persecutes its own people, threatens to wipe other countries off the face of the earth, and facilitates terrorist attacks around the globe should be combated in every way possible. As grassroots members of communities who have been directly targeted by the Iranian regime, the Jewish and Iranian communities of Canada call on our government to take the following three steps immediately:

1 – Apply the Magnitsky Act to members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to sanction its human rights abusers;

2 – List the IRGC in its entirety as a terrorist entity in Canada;

3 – Hold Iran to account for its killing of 57 Canadians on January 2020’s Flight PS572.

We, the undersigned, support these proposals and demand that they be implemented for the sake of justice and peace.