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SIGN OUR PETITION: Stop Paralympic Committees from Enabling Antisemitism


Mr. Marc-André Fabien
Canadian Paralympic Committee
Suite 100 – 85 Plymouth Street
Ottawa, ON
K1S 3E2


Mr. Andrew Parson
International Paralympic Committee
Adenauerallee 212-214, 53113
Bonn, Germany

Dear Messrs. Fabien and Parson,

As you are surely aware of the list of antisemitic comments from Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad, and because of his ongoing xenophobic and discriminatory campaign against Israeli athletes – which is in direct contradiction of the International Paralympic Committee’s mission – we call on you to:

  1. Change the venue of the World Para Swimming Championships to a country that does not discriminate based on national origin;
  2. Issue a statement standing in solidarity with Jewish and Israeli athletes from around the world considering PM Mahathir’s ongoing promulgation of antisemitism; and
  3. Condemn PM Mahathir’s antisemitism.

We also call on the Canadian Paralympic Committee to refuse to participate in the tournament until these conditions are met.