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Hate Rag Publisher Sentenced to 12 Months of House Arrest

August 29, 2019

B’nai Brith Canada

TORONTO – The publisher of the antisemitic Your Ward News hate rag has been sentenced to 12 months of house arrest.

Justice Richard Blouin ruled that publisher LeRoy St. Germaine must serve a 12-month conditional sentence — consecutive six-month terms — for wilful promotion of hatred against Jews and women. He will not be behind bars, though, as the judge took into account his age (77), his poor health and his Metis background.

St. Germaine will serve his time under supervised house arrest. He must remain in his residence except for medical appointments and one day per week to shop for necessities.

Last Thursday, Aug. 22, Your Ward News editor James Sears, 55, was sentenced by Justice Blouin to two consecutive six-month terms behind bars — the maximum sentence permitted by law.

In January, both St. Germaine and Sears were convicted of two counts each of wilful promotion of hatred, against both Jews and women.

The Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada, who has long advocated for the strong sentencing of Sears and St. Germaine, had mixed feelings Thursday.

“We are disappointed that St. Germaine won’t be spending any time behind bars,” Michael Mostyn said. “However, at a time of rising extremism, this case serves as an important reminder to hate-mongers that their venom will not be tolerated in Canada.”