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Reactions to Former Green Party Candidate’s Holocaust Denial Video

Earlier this week, a homemade YouTube video surfaced of former Green Party of Canada’s candidate, Monika Schaefer, denying the Holocaust.

In the video, Schaefer makes disgusting remarks suchs as calling the Holocaust “the most persistent lie in all of history,” claims that victims of Nazi death camps “were kept as healthy and as well-fed as was possible,” and asserts that “there were no gas chambers there.”

After bringing this disturbing video to the attention of the public,  the Green Party has responded, saying it has announced its intention to expel here from the party.

B’nai Brith Canada received an overwhelming amount of response and feedback. Here are some of the most thoughtful and interesting comments we received:

“You can’t reason with someone like this.  She NEEDS to believe what she says and therefore, ignores the facts.”
“Does she think that Jews tattooed themselves for stylish reasons!”
“We should work to see that the Green Party never win another seat in parliament.
“I lived through your denial.”
“The next step should be taken by the Prime Minister himself who has just returned from Auschwitz. There were no ovens, says Schaefer! OMG this is disgusting.”

One of the common feedback themes we received were calls for Green Party members to visit concentration camps

“Why not insist on sending the Green Party member Schaefer and Elisabeth May, to Poland to visit and come back?”
“I will certainly contribute to a fund to send them for a free trip before their August meeting. Why not advertise this offer and pressure them?”

And what was our most passionate piece of feedback: Someone sent us a copy of a letter sent to the Prime Minister, detailing their thoughts about Schaefer’s remarks while tying in her own personal experiences.

“Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,
I was quite taken with your reaction and words during your visit to Auschwitz. I live in Thornhill, Ontario and I strive to give back to my community as much as I can. About 6 years ago, my son Jonathan started high school and needed to volunteer 40 hours in order to graduate. He wound up volunteering at Constantia Retirement Home, just a few minutes away from our house. I joined my son in this experience. While he has since gone onto  a Paramedic Course at Humber College, I have stayed as a volunteer.
During my six years at Constantia, I have had the opportunity to really get to know the residents. It’s an incredible mix of Canadians who were born in Canada and those who had to endure the Holocaust. The stories of war, trauma and rebuilding are absolutely staggering.
The reason why I am writing to you is that in 1986 I happened to attend the Ernst Zundel trial. I was a student in Radio and TV Arts at Ryerson. Zundel was on trial for disseminating false news and claimed the Holocaust never happened. It was interesting seeing the comings and goings of the Zundel supporters. I heard one in particular under his breath say “if Hitler had done his job correctly, we wouldn’t even need to be here.” Frightening stuff that still haunts me to this day.
Now with the internet, Holocaust denial has moved from the fringe to a flood. What is astonishing is that people running for political office like the Green Party’s Monika Schaefer are out there spreading poison  (page does not exist)
I hope that if your journey takes you to Thornhill, you will join me at Constania and you can hear the stories from the survivors.
Thank you for support.”

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