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Parliamentary Motion to Condemn BDS a Step in the Right Direction – B’nai Brith Canada

February 22, 2016, TORONTO — The House of Commons voted today to pass a motion introduced by MPs Tony Clement and Michelle Rempel condemning the Boycott and Sanctions movement.

“The House of Commons vote is a great first step in recognizing the anti-Israeli Boycott and Sanctions Movement for what it is, another form of antisemitism,” said Michael Mostyn, CEO, B’nai Brith Canada. “The Anti-Israel boycott movement has no interest in actively helping Palestinian Arabs. Instead it seeks to demonize and delegitimize Israel and its aim is the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people. Today on Canadian university campuses students are bullied and victimized by boycott activists. Students tell us they even fear that speaking out or questioning professors associated with the anti-Israel movement will hurt their academic careers.

“B’nai Brith thanks Tony Clement and Michelle Rempel for bringing this motion forward. We are also very appreciative of the many members who spoke out in support of this important issue. Unfortunately, some Members of Parliament, including Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and numerous MPs from both the NDP and Bloc Québécois parties have chosen to stand with a movement steeped in antisemitism.

“We urge the House of Commons, having passed this motion, to now take concrete steps to follow the lead of the United Kingdom and enact regulations to require all governmental bodies to abide by Canada’s obligations. This would prohibit all public authorities from imposing a boycott against any country, including Israel, signed up to the World Trade Organization government procurement agreement.”

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