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North Bay Mayor Recognized For Leadership in Combating Antisemitism

From left to right: Michael Mostyn, Mayor Al McDonald, Marvin Rotrand, Councillor Mac Bain


May 17, 2022

NORTH BAY- The Mayor of North Bay was honoured at a ceremony today by B’nai Brith Canada for his efforts in combating antisemitism in the city.

Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada, and Marvin Rotrand, National Director of B’nai Brith’s League for Human Rights, presented a Certificate of Merit to North Bay Mayor Al McDonald for his response to a number of students recorded shouting antisemitic slogans and giving Nazi salutes at a local school field. The Mayor was quick to denounce the actions, and both the school and the police launched investigations into the matter.

The Certificate from B’nai Brith includes a quote from the mayor: “Hate and racism has no home here. It is everyone’s responsibility to speak up against racism & hate when it appears.”

“We’ve been pleased to see North Bay leadership, particularly Mayor McDonald, Police Chief Scott Tod and Deputy Police Chief Michael Daze, treating antisemitism and hate with the seriousness they deserve,” Mostyn said. “We are also gratified that we are in North Bay during its inaugural Jewish Heritage Month, and we thank the Mayor and Council for their endorsements of something this important to our community.”

Earlier this month, Mayor McDonald marked the first annual Jewish Heritage Month in North Bay and noted the Jewish community’s many contributions to the country, while overcoming great adversity.

“Mayor McDonald and North Bay’s reaction to antisemitism are examples that all of Canada should emulate,” Rotrand said. “The Mayor, the Council, the police department, the School Board and the community sent a very positive message that hate in any form would not be tolerated in the city. Last September, North Bay made headlines from coast to coast for the wrong reasons. The city is making headlines for all the right reasons now.”