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COVID-19: As Charities Step Up, Canadian Government Support Is Urged

Parliament Hill in Ottawa (National Post) March 23, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada OTTAWA - B'nai Brith Canada is urging the federal government to include support for charities in its response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Continue reading

Canadian Antisemitic Magazine Finds New Home in United States

The Islamic Society of York Region, located in Richmond Hill, Ont. ( March 9, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – An antisemitic monthly magazine, previously published out of a Toronto-area mosque, now claims a post office box in Berryville, Virginia as its new address. Continue reading

Co-Founder of Egyptian-Canadian Democracy Group Publishes Antisemitic Article

“The Holocaust of the 21st Century,” as it appears on the personal blog of Mohamed Sherif Kamel March 4, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada MONTREAL – A prominent Canada-based Egyptian political activist has published an article alleging that Israel’s supposed mistreatment of the Palestinians is worse than what Jews suffered during the Holocaust.  Continue reading

Canadian Arabic Newspaper Runs Terrorist Official’s Antisemitic Article

Mustafa Yusuf al-Lidawi (Facebook) March 3, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – An Arabic-language newspaper in the Greater Toronto Area has published an article by a Hamas figure, praising terrorism, peddling outlandish conspiracy theories and blaming Israel’s supposed faults on Judaism itself. Continue reading

U of T Profs Publish New Letter to Administration

An image of the University of Toronto's University College building (The Varsity) February 27, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – A committee of University of Toronto (U of T) professors has published a new letter to the school's administration over concerns of antisemitism on their campuses. Continue reading

B'nai Brith Canada Launches Lawsuit Against Federal Government

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands in a recent meeting with Iran's Foreign Affairs Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif (Global) February 21, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada OTTAWA – B'nai Brith Canada has filed a lawsuit against the federal government, citing its failure to comply with a motion to list Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), in its entirety, as a terrorist organization. Continue reading

We Are Jew-Killers: Slogan at IRGC Rally

A young boy displays a sign expressing violent hatred and death wishes towards Jews at an IRGC rally in Tehran (IranWire) February 19, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – A violent antisemitic slogan was proudly displayed at a recent Tehran rally organized by an infamous Iranian militia, B’nai Brith Canada has learned. Continue reading

Sign Our Petition: Canada Must Denounce the Use of Palestinian Child Soldiers

A Palestinian boy being trained to shoot by Hamas (Associated Press) February 18, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada OTTAWA - B’nai Brith Canada is calling on the federal government to speak out forcefully against the recruitment and use of Palestinian child soldiers in advance of Palestinian Child Soldiers Week (Feb. 18-21). Continue reading

Ontario City Admits Issues with Terror-Glorifying Event on City Property

The logo of the Arab Palestine Association of Ontario (Facebook) February 7, 2020 B'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – Officials just west of Toronto have belatedly admitted that city policy was breached at an event held by a Palestinian group at a local community centre. Continue reading
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