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Lethbridge University: Say NO to Antisemitism!

B’nai Brith Canada is urging the University of Lethbridge in Alberta to investigate one of its professors over suggestions that he has promoted Holocaust denial and other antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Anthony Hall, who teaches Globalization Studies, is a proponent of what he refers to as an “open debate on the Holocaust,” (page does not exist) a supporter of Holocaust deniers like Monika Schaefer, and has even accused Israel of “playing a key role” in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

A university professor for more than 25 years, Hall uses his credentials to establish the legitimacy of the theories he espouses. However, many of his students have spoken out against him for promoting his “sensationalized” and “biased” views and for abusing “the stage he receives as a teacher.”

B’nai Brith continues to demand that the University of Lethbridge investigate, to guarantee that students are not subject to Hall’s anti-Zionist itinerary, but the institution has chosen to stand by its professor ( page does not exist), citing a commitment to “academic freedom.” According to a 2011 statement from Universities Canada, however, academic freedom “includes the right to freely communicate knowledge and the results of research and scholarship.” (page doesnt exist)

Does the University of Lethbridge feel that Holocaust denial, accusations of world Zionist conspiracies and antisemitism are the legitimate “results of research and scholarship?”

If you agree that Lethbridge University should investigate Hall’s conduct, please sign our petition.