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League for Human Rights Hosts Briefing on U.S. Election with Professor Aurel Braun

University of Toronto professor Aurel Braun (Credit: CTV News)

By Tevy Pilc
Staff Writer/Researcher
B’nai Brith Canada

B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights hosted a conference call on Tuesday, Nov. 15 featuring renowned University of Toronto professor Aurel Braun, briefing League volunteers on what the U.S. election results mean for Canada and the world.

The League volunteer-exclusive event allowed participants, which included academics, university students and other League members across the country, to listen and engage with Professor Braun as he shared his take on what could transpire following this monumental moment in history.

Braun, a senior member of the League, teaches International Relations and Political Science at U of T. He is a former visiting scholar at both Stanford and Harvard, and is the author of several books and more than fifty scholarly articles.

Braun detailed the increasing clash of heavily charged personalities and cultures that lead to the climate that enveloped the election campaign. He emphasized that the environment created by Clinton supporters to label those who don’t agree with her as “deplorables” sparked a backlash that resulted in the election of Donald Trump.

When asked about the appointment of Steve Bannon, who’s been widely accused of being antisemitic, Braun stressed that while it’s vital to fight all forms of antisemitism, one shouldn’t jump to quick conclusions without evaluating the validity of points being made in the media. He further noted that the same logic and criticisms for defining someone as an antisemite should be applied to other notable politicians and prominent public figures.

“This was a great opportunity for League members and volunteers to interact and to examine important issues facing the future of human rights across the U.S. and Canada with an expert voice on the matter,” said Amanda Hohmann, the League’s National Director.

Hohmann says this briefing will be the first of more similar gatherings and learning opportunities and interactions in the future for League members and volunteers.

For more information about the League for Human Rights or volunteer opportunities, please contact Hohmann at [email protected].