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I’ve been the victim of an antisemitic incident. Can B’nai Brith sue the perpetrator for me?

I’ve been the victim of an antisemitic incident. Can B’nai Brith sue the perpetrator for me?

If you have been the victim of an antisemitic incident, we encourage you to submit a confidential online report here, or call our 24-hour anti-hate hotline at 1-800-892-2624. 

While B’nai Brith and the League for Human Rights does not directly offer legal advice or services to the public, in appropriate circumstances we are able to connect you with a lawyer referral service which can recommend an experienced representative for you to speak with that is well suited to your particular case. We can also direct you to alternative forums or resources that may be relevant to your particular circumstances.

As a charitable institution, B’nai Brith is unable to prosecute any cases before the courts. If you feel that you are the victim of an offense of a criminal nature, please make sure that you speak to the police as soon as possible, prior to calling our hotline.

While we do not generally provide individual legal assistance, B’nai Brith will regularly intervene before the courts to defend human rights as a matter of public policy for all Canadians. For example, B’nai Brith launched a court action against the Federal Government of Canada for failing to recognize the entirety of Hezbollah as the terrorist organization that it is. B’nai Brith has also intervened all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada in prominent cases such as R. v. ZundelSyndicat Northcrest v. Amselem and Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission v. William Whatcott

No matter the nature of your incident, we encourage you to contact us via our confidential online report form or the anti-hate hotline today, to discuss how we can help. Rest assured that any and all personal information provided to B’nai Brith through your calls and reports is kept strictly confidential to respect your privacy; our Annual Report will only include aggregate statistical information that will never personally identify any victims of antisemitism.