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Gaza Paramedic Who Treated Canadian Doctor Was Hamas “Holy Warrior”

The body of Musa Abuhassanin is brought for burial, draped in the green and white flag of the Hamas terrorist group (Photo: Shadi al-Tabatibi)

May 18, 2018

By Aidan Fishman
Director of the League for Human Rights
B’nai Brith Canada

TORONTO – New information exposed by B’nai Brith Canada suggests that a Gazan paramedic slain after assisting Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani was a member of the Hamas terrorist group and employed by its interior ministry.

According to the Gaza-based Palestinian Information Center, Musa Abuhassanin was a 36-year-old Captain of the Gazan Civil Defence. The Civil Defence reports to Interior Minister Fathi Hammad, a Hamas politician who has praised  the use of civilians as human shields, stating  that Hamas is prepared to sell its missiles to Arab countries, but only if “they will launch them against the Jews.”

Photos circulating online of Abuhassanin’s funeral showed his body draped in the green and white flag of Hamas, indicating that the terrorist group claimed him as a member. Nabd Watan, a news site based in Ramallah, used a photo of Abuhassanin dressed in military-style camouflage gear.

In an interview with the Palestinian Press Agency, Abuhassanin’s mother also wore a Hamas shawl, while standing in front of a framed picture of her son that bore the official emblem of Hamas. The photo describes Abuhassanin as a “holy warrior.”

In Loubani’s own interview with the CBC’s Carol Off and in a statement he posted online, the Canadian never acknowledged that the man who treated him was a member of Hamas or an employee of its government. In a later conversation with Democracy Now!, Loubani called Abuhassanin “a great guy.”

The mother of Musa Abuhassanin gives an interview while wearing a Hamas shawl, standing in front of a photo of her son with the Hamas emblem in the top-right corner (Photo: Palestinian Press Agency)

“Any time that a Canadian is wounded abroad, it is a serious matter,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “However, it is imperative that the whole truth comes to light. Was Abuhassanin really just a paramedic, or was he also undertaking more sinister tasks for the Hamas terrorist organization?”

In a statement released Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted to Loubani’s injury by stating that Israel’s “reported use of excessive force and live fire is inexcusable.” B’nai Brith has pointed out that Trudeau’s comments were based on falsehoods, and suggested he owes the Jewish State an apology.

Some of the evidence that confirms Abuhassanin was a Hamas member was uncovered by pro-Israel website Israellycool, with the Arabic translation verified by B’nai Brith, while further material was unearthed by B’nai Brith independently.