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EDI, Equal Rights and Antisemitism in the Workplace

Labour & Employment Law Perspectives

With an increasing focus on EDI, Jews are not routinely seen as part of the struggle against discrimination. Some feel the teaching of diversity and development of equity departments is causing more discrimination against Jews. Find out what legal options are available to protect your clients from a labour and employment law perspective including:

• How is antisemitism growing and creeping into workplaces?

• Being afraid to identify as Jewish at work: the impact of self-censoring for fear of losing your job

• Antisemitic jokes and comments in the workplace: do they infringe your rights? How should you respond?

• When Jews experience antisemitism in the workplace, what are some concrete steps they can take to protect their rights?

• When your union is complicit in antisemitism, or refusing to respond to it, what legal action can you take?

• When and how you should report antisemitism from your peers

• Are there any possible lawsuits that one can consider?

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Dec 15 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Virtual Event