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Dangerous Algorithms

It is no secret that social media platforms provide easy access to hate and other harmful content. However, their mode of operation, algorithms, reacts to people’s searches and so fuels users with suggested sites according to their interests. These algorithms promote alarming glorification of violence and misinformation in Canada. According to the report, social media algorithms recommend toxic content to their users and do not remove accounts and/or content that violates their own community standards.

A new report prepared by B’nai Brith Canada reveals disturbing and concerning propagation of antisemitism and hate by social media algorithms.

B’nai Brith is equipped to work with policy-makers to better understand this issue and help to hold social-media companies accountable in the realm of tackling hate in all its forms on their platforms.

Our B’nai Brith research team conducted its study over a 21-day period and monitored the activity on Instagram and Twitter using several fake social-media accounts. The objective was to determine how much interaction is required for the algorithm to promote inflammatory content that violated the companies’ codes of conduct.

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