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CVS Montreal Presents 2019 Rosh Hashanah Cards!

Make Rosh Hashanah extra sweet this year by celebrating your loved ones and helping the B’nai Brith Montreal Community Volunteer Services at the same time! Honour your family and friends with a donation supporting the work we do in your community. They will receive a beautiful Rosh Hashanah card with your own personalized message.

Our efforts have successfully bettered the lives of many people, including those on the autism spectrum, by donating art supplies and tickets to sporting events and movies. We support a shelter that cares for homeless and disadvantaged women who have fallen on very hard times.

Our CVS volunteer committee organizes donated clothing, food and basic everyday personal hygiene products to this shelter. Most recently we initiated a Music Brunch Program geared especially for seniors citizens who live alone or in residences throughout our city. It has become a successful and fulfilling project! Please help us keep these programs going!

$18.00 per card, $50.00 for 3 cards



Your Rosh Hashanah cards include a complementary message. Please choose from the following options.

To: Information here should be exactly as you would like it written on the card.

From: Information here should be exactly as you would like it written on the card.

Full Mailing Address: Including name as you would like it to be written on the envelope.

Optional Personal Message: Max 30 words.

About Community Volunteer Services

For more information, check out the video below featuring our Community Volunteer Services program in Montreal!