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Our COVID-19 Emergency Food Donation Program

While most of us are safely hunkered down at home, what happens to our poor, the infirm and our elderly, who cannot even afford groceries during this time of crisis, let alone travel outside their home?

We at B’nai Brith closed down our daily meal program for seniors, veterans, and the needy as of Monday March 16th until we can safely recommence with due regard for the safety of our participants. The Pride of Israel Kosher Food Bank also had to close its doors indefinitely due to the current situation.

This means that we have needy and at-risk individuals in our community who are at constant risk of going without food! 

But B’nai Brith is not allowing this to happen! 

We have created an emergency response plan to ensure that the needy and at-risk within our GTA community do not have to worry where their next meal is coming from, including those families previously serviced by the Pride of Israel Kosher Food Bank.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, we have not missed a single week of delivering food donations to the homes of those in need. And we have pledged to continue doing so for as long as this crisis is going on.

But we cannot do this without your support!

Please CLICK HERE to donate and help feed someone in need.