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B’nai Brith Canada’s Volunteer of the Month: Joanne Cutler

B’nai Brith Canada has introduced a new feature that is being posted regularly at

This feature allows us to pay tribute and express gratitude to exceptional volunteers who have given their time and energy to further the missions of our grassroots, human-rights organization.

We are grateful and proud of

People Helping People

Joanne Cutler is a mother, singer, author, artist, philanthropist and Chair of B’nai Brith Quebec’s Community Volunteer Services (CVS). A native Montrealer, Joanne has been involved with B’nai Brith Canada for several years and, this past February, received the Volunteer of the Year award from the city of Côte Saint-Luc, where she lives. “I just love to be part of a group. And I really, really love to help people,” Joanne explained.

Last summer, Joanne and her husband Merv performed outdoor concerts on behalf of B’nai Brith as well as the city of Côte Saint-Luc at more than 20 seniors’ residences across Montreal. Joanne has also led projects like the Music Brunch for Seniors, where a fabulous kosher brunch is served, and local bands perform. “That was a massive success” and people are eager for that to return, Joanne said proudly.

Some of her other CVS initiatives include the McGill Buddies Program, where, in partnership with the Miriam Foundation, students from McGill are paired with a buddy who is on the autism spectrum and the two can form a bond through shared experiences. Joanne and her fantastic volunteer base also help out the Chez Doris Women’s shelter with food and supply donations, services and events. The Twinning project, an initiative that pairs a boy or girl having their Bar/Bat Mitzvah with a child who died in the Holocaust before they could have their own Bar/Bat Mitzvah, is another meaningful program on which Joanne and her team focus.

The newest CVS project is the Tablet program, where seniors who have been isolated because of COVID-19 will be given tablets which have been loaded with creative videos, music, exercises etc. “It’s a CVS initiative because we’re helping seniors who are lonely and can’t get out much, [and] don’t have computers,” Joanne said.

We at B’nai Brith Canada extend our greatest thanks to Joanne for all of her hard work and dedication over the years.