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B’nai Brith Canada CEO in Toronto Star: Learn Jewish History

Our CEO, Michael Mostyn, just penned an important op-ed for the Toronto Star.

It urges Canadians, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, to learn about the long and fascinating history of the Jewish nation and our origins in the land of Israel.

Too often, contemporary political discourse erases this history and makes faulty assumptions out of ignorance.

The op-ed also addresses your concerns: “What do I say about this? How do I respond to that?”

The stakes are very high right now. The Jewish community has faced an alarming wave of harassment in the past month, both online and in person. At a time when we should all be pulling together and standing against hate, Jews feel neglected.

Some of us feel as if no one is listening. Others wonder why so many well-meaning people are jumping on board the bandwagon of antisemitic misinformation and conspiracy theories. The sad reason is that, all too often, they are only hearing one side of the story.

Peace will come when there is mutual respect and understanding — but that can’t happen if one community’s experience is ignored and delegitimized.

Despite the challenges of global antisemitism and a tragic conflict overseas, there is plenty to be proud of and amazed by in Jewish history. We encourage all to examine the story this op-ed tells and engage in serious discussion about it with fellow Canadians.

As you discuss this op-ed with family and friends, we welcome your thoughts on it, as well as on other factors you’d like answers to or feel need more attention.