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The Soldiers of Odin and Entrenched White Privilege

Sara McCleary In recent months, several news stories have brought the issue of North America’s rape culture into all of our homes.  Continue reading

Despite Couillard’s Suspect Leadership Federalist Liberals Still on Top

Quebec ConfidentialMike Cohen It is great to be back writing for B’nai Brith Canada, our country’s pre-eminent human rights organization. Continue reading

Why the French Judiciary Got It Right

Simon Pelsmakher Since France’s 2010 controversial ban on face-coverings, there has been a growing debate on the question of freedom of religion in Europe. While the 2010 law also called for the ban of balaclavas and hoods, it was largely seen as a ban on female Muslim head coverings such as burqas. Continue reading

Deborah Lyons, New Canadian Ambassador to Israel, Visits B'nai Brith

Top Row (L-R): Irving Weisdorf, Aurel Braun, Aidan Fishman, Amanda Hohmann, Joseph Shier.Bottom Row (L-R): MP Ali Ehsassi, MP Judy Sgro, MP Marco Mendicino, Canadian Ambassador to Israel Designate Deborah Lyons, MP Michael Levitt, Avi Behar By Tevy PilcStaff Writer/ResearcherB'nai Brith Canada B'nai Brith was honoured and pleased to welcome Deborah Lyons, the new Canadian Ambassador to Israel, to its national office. Continue reading

B’nai Brith Complaint Leads to Dismissal of York University Staff Member

YouTube screengrab of former York University employee Nikolaos Balaskas  By Aidan FishmanCampus Advocacy CoordinatorB'nai Brith Canada York University has dismissed an employee following an investigation into his antisemitic social media use. Continue reading

B'nai Brith Canada Meets With Ambassador of Israel to the United States

Michael Mostyn (right), CEO of B'nai Brith Canada, and Sheila Mostyn (left), Senior Vice President, B'nai B'rith International, pose with Ron Dermer, Ambassador of Israel to the United States, at the B’nai B’rith International Leadership Forum. Continue reading

Green Party Rank-and-File Reject Anti-Israel Boycott

By Aidan FishmanCampus Advocacy CoordinatorB'nai Brith Canada Most members of the Green Party of Canada believe its recently adopted Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) policy should not be kept in its current form, according to information obtained by B’nai Brith Canada. Continue reading

Fallen Jewish-Canadian Soldiers Honoured at Pre-Jewish Holiday Ceremony in Montreal

Corporal Rachel Dumas 34 Canadian Brigade Group plays The Last Post the Erev Yom Tov ceremony at the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery in Montreal on September 11, 2016. A community-wide, pre-Jewish holiday (Erev Yom Tov) ceremony was held in Montreal 10:30 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016 to honour Jewish-Canadian soldiers who fell in battle in the First and Second World Wars, defending democracy. Continue reading

Dimitri Lascaris Turfed from Green Party Shadow Cabinet

A YouTube screengrab of Dimitri Lascaris (L) and Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May (R) The Green Party of Canada has fired its outspoken justice critic, Dimitri Lascaris. Continue reading

B'nai Brith Canada Represents Jewish Community at U.S. Forums

The High Level Forum on Global Antisemitism at UN Headquarters in New York. (Credit: UN/JC McIlwaine) By Marty YorkChief Media OfficerB'nai Brith Canada David Matas, renowned international human rights, immigration and refugee lawyer based in Winnipeg, was B'nai Brith Canada's representative at The High Level Forum on Global Antisemitism at the United Nations in New York last week. Continue reading
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