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Israeli Paraplegic Bobsledder Competes Against Able-Bodied Athletes

Dave Nicholls and Ilya Malikin in Whistler, B.C. March 7, 2019 By David GrossmanSpecial to B'nai Brith Canada WHISTLER – Some said it could not be done. Continue reading

The Search for Jesse Galganov Continues While His Mom Finds a Way to Create His Legacy

Jesse Galganov and his mother, Alisa Clamen (Photo Credit: Courtesy) March 7, 2019 QUEBEC CONFIDENTIAL | By Mike Cohen MONTREAL – What happened to Jesse Galganov? The 22-year-old Jewish Montrealer mysteriously disappeared 16 months ago in Peru. Continue reading

Taxi Company Apologizes After Driver Goes on Antisemitic, Anti-Indigenous Rant

Jewish passenger thanks B’nai Brith Canada for its support during ordeal March 6, 2019 By Daniel KorenManager, Media Relations & CommunicationsB'nai Brith Canada WINNIPEG – A local taxi company has apologized after one of its drivers made antisemitic and anti-Indigenous comments to a Jewish passenger. Continue reading

Join Us in Calling on the Government to Deport Helmut Oberlander

Helmut Oberlander March 5, 2019 By Daniel KorenManager, Media Relations & CommunicationsB'nai Brith Canada WATERLOO, Ont. – Why is Helmut Oberlander still in Canada? Continue reading

B’nai Brith Welcomes New National Sports Director

Avi Ritter March 5, 2019 By Jayme KalpinB'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – B’nai Brith Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Avi Ritter to the position of National Sports Director. Continue reading

Prolific Jewish Impresario Sheldon Kagan Pens his Biography

March 4, 2019 QUEBEC CONFIDENTIAL | By Mike Cohen MONTREAL – I do not read a lot of books, but when one of Canada’s most prolific Jewish impresarios offered to send me a copy of his recently published biography, how could I say no? Not In A Shy Way: The Sheldon Kagan Story is such an excellent piece of work I devoured every page in one sitting. Continue reading

Offensive TV Program Removed from Airwaves After B’nai Brith Petition

Imam Zafar Bangash in an episode of “Muslim Perspectives” Dear Friends, I am pleased to announce that Muslim Perspectives, a television show run by the Islamic Society of York Region (ISYR) that promotes hateful and antisemitic content, has been officially removed from the airwaves! Continue reading

Your Ward News Resurfaces in Toronto

A photo in the Winter 2019 edition of Your Ward News (Screenshot) March 1, 2019 By Daniel KorenManager, Media Relations & CommunicationsB'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – Immediately after being found guilty of wilfully promoting hatred against women and Jews, an indignant James Sears told a media scrum outside a Toronto courtroom, “We’re going to keep publishing. The Crown is asking us to take down the issues in question. Obviously, the new issues of Your Ward News are not affected by this decision.” Continue reading

Canada Chooses Jewish Head of Mission for Second Time

Ari Grossman Feb. 28, 2019 By B'nai Brith Canada Staff WATERLOO, Ont. – For Ari Grossman, there is nothing greater in the world of sport than to see Canadian athletes excel on the international stage. Continue reading
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