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Video: Mohammed Khalifeh Encourages Destruction of Israel, Infidels

The man who denied this week having written an editorial promoting 'resistance' as a 'sacred duty of Jihad', and who was subsequently suspended from his position with the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County, once posted a video that glamorizes Gaza-based terror groups.  On November 18, 2012, Mohammed Khalifeh, the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of Al Forqan Newspaper‎ printed in Windsor, posted a video on his Facebook page accompanied with the following caption: “The grandsons of al-Mukhatr – a poem dedicated to the mujahideen of Gaza and Palestine. We ask Allah to help them, to plant their feet firmly. I hope you like it.” Continue reading

Supporter of Violent ‘Resistance’ Suspended

The author of an editorial that proclaimed support for acts of violence as a sacred duty has been suspended from his position with the Windsor Multicultural Council. The Windsor Multicultural Council is a body that receives funds from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and is intimately connected with the welcoming and resettlement of Syrian refugees.   Continue reading

B’nai Brith: Windsor’s Arabic Language Al Forqan Newspaper Promotes Jihad, Endangers Canadians

February 26, 2016, TORONTO — B’nai Brith is condemning an editorial by Mohammed Hisham Khalifeh, published in Windsor’s Arabic language Al Forqan newspaper, reported as lauding the ongoing spree of attacks against civilians in Israel as a ‘sacred duty of jihad’.   Continue reading

B'nai Brith Insider: Understanding the House of Commons Vote on Boycott & Sanctions

Dear B'nai Brith Supporter, This week, the House of Commons passed a motion condemning the anti-Israel Boycott and Sanctions movement, a great first step in recognizing the movement for what it truly is, another form of antisemitism. As we all know, boycott activists have no interest in actively helping Palestinian Arabs. They seek only to demonize and delegitimize Israel. Continue reading

Boycott and Sanctions Vote at McGill Disappointing

On Tuesday, February 22, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) voted in favour of a motion to support the anti-Israel Boycott and Sanctions movement on campus. However, with only 2% of the student body voting, the motion will not be ratified until all McGill students have the opportunity to vote, by online ballot, in the coming week. Continue reading

Parliamentary Motion to Condemn BDS a Step in the Right Direction

February 22, 2016, TORONTO — The House of Commons voted today to pass a motion introduced by MPs Tony Clement and Michelle Rempel condemning the Boycott and Sanctions movement. Continue reading

Family Day, 2016: Food, Fun, Family and B’nai Brith Hockey

By Jack BorensteinSpecial Correspondent, B’nai Brith Canada Family Day this past Monday turned out to be a wonderful occasion for those who played in, and watched, the First Annual B’nai Brith Canada ice hockey tournament at the Canlan Ice Sport facility in North York, Ont. The tourney was well organized and served as a template to relaunch the B’nai Brith Ice Hockey League, as soon as next season. Nine under-age-35 (composed of two divisions) and four over-age-35 teams competed in a series of three round-robin games, with the best-record teams advancing to the title games. ‘Wise Guys’ and ‘Adam’ emerged as respective U-35 and 35-O champions and each team received a $300 gift card for use at WEGZ Stadium Bar in Vaughan. Ont. Raffle prizes consisted of Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys, toques, fleeced jackets, gloves and a toaster oven.     Continue reading

Ontario Government Announces Creation of Anti-Racism Directorate

February 16, 2016, TORONTO — The Ontario Government announced today that it is establishing an Anti-Racism Directorate to address racism in all forms, and B’nai Brith Canada is eager to see it succeed. Continue reading

B'nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn Attends Gala Dinner in Ottawa in Honour of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

B'nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn spent Thursday night with dignitaries in the nation's capital. Mr. Mostyn was pleased to accept his invitation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Madame Grégoire Trudeau to attend a gala dinner in honour of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Both Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Ban Ki-moon addressed those in attendance. "B'nai Brith is an important voice in the Canadian Jewish community," Mr. Mostyn said. "I was pleased to represent B'nai Brith and the human rights community at this event." Continue reading

Will Syrian Refugees be Revictimized by Canada’s re-engagement with Iran?

February 8, 2016, TORONTO — The Canadian government’s announcement that it will be exploring renewed diplomatic contacts, including the possibility of allowing Iran to reopen its embassy, is an opportunity to highlight Iranian human rights violations, says B’nai Brith. Canada closed its embassy and expelled Iranian diplomats in September of 2012, citing at the time that ‘the government of Iran is the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today.’ Continue reading
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