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Basketball Updates – November 2021

Basketball is off to a strong start. We are having hard competition in all 3 Divisions, while our SESSIONS training has seen amazing results after only 2 weeks of play. Our new location this season provides a “Lounge area” for players and guests to gather safely before and after games. Please utilize the B’nai Brith discount on drinks when visiting the Lounge at La Liga Sports complex.

Safety concerns that need your attention:

  • No Guests allowed on the courts. All fans must watch games from the Lounge overlooking the courts.
  • COVID Protocol dictates no more then 2 teams on the court at one time.
  • PLEASE WAIT IN THE HALL till your team is required to enter. TEAMS may enter 5 minutes prior to game time.
  • WEAR your face mask. All players are required to wear a face mask until their team takes the court.

Again this season we will have awards for Scoring Leader in addition to MVP’s. The new leaderboard has attracted many players to our site.
Check out who’s on top! OR check out the standings and leaderboard on the sports website.