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UNESCO 'Temple Mount Status' Vote Suspended

An appalling United Nations vote to draft a resolution that would have challenged Jewish historic ties to the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem has been postponed after it was determined by the resolution's creators that it would not garner enough votes to ensure its passage. Continue reading

Nazi Death Squad Member to Stay in Canada After Supreme Court Victory

A World War II-era photo ofHelmut Oberlander Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada chose not to hear the Attorney General’s appeal against Helmut Oberlander, as part of the Government of Canada's ongoing efforts to strip the Nazi Einsatzkommando veteran of his Canadian citizenship. Continue reading

Shi'ite Cleric Blames Israel for Creation of ISIS at Toronto Al-Quds Day Rally

By Jordan ZaitchikB'nai Brith Canada Speaking at the al-Quds Day rally in Toronto, a Muslim cleric claimed that without Zionism, ISIS would not exist. Continue reading

Best of the Worst at the Toronto Al-Quds Day Rally

Here is a video of people interviewed at the al-Quds Day rally in Toronto on July 2, 2016. Some of the comments will astound you. Continue reading

Calgary Al-Quds Day Rally Met with Strong Backlash

Protestors hold up signs at the al-Quds Day rally in Calgary (Screencap provided to B'nai Brith) Pro-Palestinian groups gathered outside Calgary’s City Hall this past Saturday to commemorate al-Quds Day, an annual event promoting solidarity with the Palestinian people and protesting the existence of Israel. Continue reading

Small Crowd Turns Out for Edmonton Al-Quds Day Hatefest

  Children hold anti-Israel signs at the al-Quds Day at the Alberta Legislative grounds in Edmonton (Credit: Facebook: Radical Citizen Media) By Tevy Pilc Staff Writer/ResearcherB'nai Brith Canada  The Alberta Legislative Building, ordinarily the daily meeting place for many lawmakers and proponents for the good of the everyday person, became a site occupied by a very small and underwhelming gathering of hate-fueled Israel bashers. Continue reading

Another Al-Quds Day Speaker in Toronto Calls for Israelis to be Shot

Another Al-Quds Day Speaker in Toronto Calls for Israelis to be Shot B’nai Brith Canada, which is on the record as warning that the 2016 al-Quds Day rally would once again descend into open support for terrorist organizations and antisemitic incitement, has called for a criminal investigation into hate speech at the event. Continue reading

B'nai Brith Critic Ken Stone at al-Quds day 2016

Ken Stone seemed awfully preoccupied with B'nai Brith and our exposé of his organization's (IJV) ties to Khomeinist Iran at the 2016 Toronto al-Quds Day rally.

Antisemitic, Anti-Gay Groups gather for Al-Quds Day Hatefests

A screengrab of the Al-Quds Day Toronto rally cover photo on the event's Facebook event page By Tevy Pilc Staff Writer/Researcher B'nai Brith Canada  A weekend in Toronto typically highlighted by themes of happiness and inclusion is about to get a massive dose of good-old fashioned hate. Continue reading

Abbas to EU: Israel Poisons Water, if 'Occupation' Ends So Will Terrorism

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Credit: Wikipedia Commons) By Tevy PilcStaff Writer/ResearcherB'nai Brith Canada While the world was engrossed in the UK referendum vote to leave the EU, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas wasted no time delivering a plethora of nonsensical anti-Israel rhetoric to the very same European parliament this week. Continue reading
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