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Massive Defeat for Anti-Israel Forces as Pro-BDS Resolution Stalls at NDP Convention

Feb. 16, 2018  By Aidan Fishman Interim National Director, League for Human Rights B'nai Brith Canada OTTAWA – In a massive setback for Canada’s anti-Israel camp, a resolution aiming to eliminate Israel as a Jewish State will not be voted on by NDP members at this weekend’s national convention in Ottawa. Continue reading

Vancouver Imam Rails Against “Malevolent Jews” in Public Prayer Session

Caption (Screengrab of a video featuring Imam Tarek Ramadan leading a call to prayer at an anti-Israel rally in Vancouver Feb. 15, 2018  By Aidan Fishman Interim National Director League for Human Rights B'nai Brith Canada VANCOUVER – A Vancouver imam is in hot water once again after he was caught condemning “the malevolent Jews” and calling for the destruction of “the enemies of Islam” at a downtown anti-Israel protest. Continue reading

B’nai Brith Deeply Disappointed by McGill Report on Antisemitism

The Arts Building at McGill University in Montreal, Canada (Getty Images) Feb. 6, 2018 By Aidan FishmanInterim National Director of the League for Human RightsB'nai Brith Canada MONTREAL – B’nai Brith Canada is expressing its frustration after a McGill University report asserted that antisemitism played no role in the removal of Jewish student Noah Lew and two pro-Israel peers from student government in October. Continue reading

Canadian Fundraising Event Endorsing UNRWA Linked to Terrorist Supporter

Feb. 5, 2018 By Aidan FishmanInterim National Director of the League for Human RightsB'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – A United Nations agency, already under fire for indoctrinating youngsters to violent struggle instead of peace, is raising money in Canada with help from a supporter of Palestinian terrorism, B’nai Brith Canada has learned. Continue reading

B’nai Brith Canada Appalled by Antisemitism on “Muslims in Calgary” Website

  This photo was posted by the "Muslims in Calgary" Facebook page alongside the caption, "However one looks at Israel, it is a scourge, a cancer that needs to be dealt with." (Screenshot) Jan. 31, 2018 By Aidan FishmanInterim National Director of the League for Human RightsB'nai Brith Canada CALGARY – B’nai Brith Canada has filed a complaint with the Calgary Police Service over the virulently antisemitic content being promoted by a group, Muslims in Calgary, on its website and Facebook page. Continue reading

Permanent BDS Committee Struck Down at U of T – Again

Jan. 31, 2018 By Daniel KorenMedia CoordinatorB'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – For the second time in slightly more than a year, a bid to establish a permanent committee to promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement at the University of Toronto has failed. Continue reading

B’nai Brith Canada Urges Poland to Reconsider Controversial Holocaust Bill

Jewish prisoners in Poland during the Holocaust (Getty Images) Jan. 29, 2018 By Daniel KorenMedia CoordinatorB'nai Brith Canada TORONTO – B’nai Brith Canada is strongly urging the Government of Poland to reconsider adopting proposed legislation that would outlaw blaming the country for any crimes committed during the Holocaust. Continue reading

Canadian Holocaust Denier Arrested in Germany Following B’nai Brith Complaint

Jan. 4, 2018 By Aidan FishmanInterim National Director of the League for Human RightsB'nai Brith Canada Monika Schaefer, a German-Canadian Holocaust denier and former Green Party of Canada candidate, has been arrested in Munich. Continue reading

Ten Ways B’nai Brith Canada Supported Our Community in 2017

1. Supported Jewish students on campus. B’nai Brith Canada was active in helping Canadian students fight antisemitism on campus this year. In Montreal, after students were unfairly targeted for supporting pro-Israel causes, our petition to McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier prompted her to investigate and condemn the incident. In a separate incident at McGill, B'nai Brith exposed a student leader for promoting violence against Zionists, which led to his departure from the student union. In British Columbia, a trade school rescinded a discriminatory policy rejecting Israeli applicants after B’nai Brith’s intervention. “I want to thank B’nai Brith Canada for its efforts on my behalf,” the student, Stav Daron, said at the time. Continue reading

UNGA Resolution Against Jerusalem Unhelpful to Peace Process: B’nai Brith Canada

Orthodox Jews pray at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem By Daniel KorenMedia CoordinatorB'nai Brith Canada Dec. 21, 2017 Thursday’s resolution by the United Nations General Assembly is unhelpful to the peace process, B’nai Brith Canada has concluded. Continue reading
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