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Our Diverse Minds books are written by kids for kids and are all about inclusion, diversity, empathy and kindness. The Diverse Minds Creative Writing Competition invites high school students to reflect on the values of diversity and inclusion by writing and illustrating a story for elementary school students (Kindergarten to Grade 5). Through peer-to-peer learning, students lead the way in creating communities where everyone is valued. The goal of Diverse Minds is to empower our youth to become role models for each other and understand that their impact reaches beyond their classrooms. It’s a great way for younger students to learn about kindness and empathy from the youngest possible age.

published books

In “The Last Garden,” follow the gardener and her extraordinary friends – a whimsical bee, a wise elephant, a graceful whale and more – on a quest to save Earth’s last living flower. Together, they unlock the secret to a magnificent garden, celebrating the beauty of diversity, the power of friendship and the magic of acceptance.

La Couleur des Dons est l’histoire d’un petit garçon qui se trouve très différent des gens dont il est entouré. Il est connu pour être étrange et bizarre et tente d’enfouir ses différences. Jusqu’au jour où il se rend compte qu’il peut voir des choses que personne d’autre ne peut voir et faire des choses que personne d’autre ne peut faire. Il comprend alors que ce sont ses différences qui le rendent spécial et unique.

Come along with Mabel as she introduces you to all of her friends. Mabel wants you to remember that everyone is different and special in their own ways. These differences make a friendship even stronger!
With every page there are more fantastically unique cats to meet.

First book • Award winner
Sam has autism. Some things are easy for him, but some things are not easy for him, such as having conversations or learning at school. But there are so many things that Sam CAN do! Sam can have friends, play sports, attend school, and so much more. There is nothing that Sam can’t do.

Lorsque Lily la chenille a besoin de l’aide de ses compagnons de jardin, elle apprend à ne pas croire aux stéréotypes et aux idées préconçues sur ceux qui sont différents de nous.

When something goes missing on the farm, the hens have their suspicions. But their ideas about who did what and why are quickly upturned as they learn about each of their fellow farm pals’ real characters.

When the only dog in Belleville feels left out and decides he wants to be more like a cat, he soon discovers the value of his own unique identity.

A Bear Like Me follows the journey of little Brown Bear named Bruno. He is actually quite ignorant and doesn’t think that other bears are as good as brown bears, but he is willing to learn. As he meets each bear, he points out their differences as flaws. Pia the Panda counters this by telling him how these flaws are actually just unique parts of each bear that make them who they are.

By the end of the story, Bruno understands that there are many types of bears, and they are all equal. Her book is meant to convey that people, in general, are all unique.
What is important is that we love and accept all people regardless of how different we are, or whether we agree with one another.

In “More Than Me and You,” two dragons go on an adventure to discover the true meaning of “diversity” and have some interesting experiences along the way.

“On the Court” shares a young athlete’s story of how sports can help us see beyond the things that divide us and help us appreciate our shared human experience.

Le Voyage de Pierrot par Wesley Yan et Omar Ghazaly suit Pierrot, le fils d’un roi, qui apprend qu’avoir des préjugés et se forger des idées préconçues sur d’autres personnes et cultures est faux et peut conduire à des idées fausses.

teaching guides

We’re creating a series of curriculum-linked teaching guides so educators have the resources and activities they need to incorporate Diverse Minds books into their classes in fun, meaningful ways.


Topic: Sharing Our Cultures
Recommended age: Grades 2-4

Topic: Celebrating Our Differences
Recommended age: K – Grade 3

Topic: Let’s Talk About Us!
Recommended age: JK – Grade 1

Topic: Belonging and Inclusion
Recommended age: JK – Grade 2

Topic: What Makes a Good Friend
Recommended age: Grades 2-3

Topic: Sharing Our Diversity
Recommended age: Grades 1-3

Topic: Let’s Talk About Us!
Recommended age: JK – Grade 1

Topic: Belonging and Inclusion
Recommended age: JK – Grade 2



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