Mark Dulberg’s Day of Dingers: Softball tournament & family fun day

You're invited!

Join us for Mark Dulberg’s Day of Dingers in association with B'nai Brith Canada

Honouring our friend Mark Dulberg who tragically passed away on December 25, 2021

Sunday June 26, 2022, 9:00am to 5:30pm
Irving W. Chapley Park, 205 Wilmington Ave.
(Wilmington Ave @ Overbrook Pl ) MAP

Activities Include:
• Softball Tournament
• Kids Zone including a jumping castle
• Basketball free-throws for kids
• Fabulous prizes
• Food Trucks

Mark Dulberg

In December 2021, the B’nai Brith family lost a friend, a team mate and a brother. Mark Dulberg was an active member of the Toronto Jewish community. He loved the community and was especially active in the B’nai Brith softball leagues, where, following in his father and uncle’s footsteps, he became a stalwart. 


Mark’s tragic passing has left a gaping hole in the lives of those who knew him – of course, none more so than his loving family. We

have decided to honour Mark by bringing the community together for an afternoon of softball, food, and fun in the sun called Mark Dulberg’s Day of Dingers. Please support this worthy event in Mark’s memory.


May Mark’s memory be a blessing.

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Team Registration

Registration for Mark Dulberg’s Day of Dingers: Sports Tournament and Family Fun Day!


  1. There are 12 Teams in this tournament. Your team Captain has selected your team name and has inserted your name on the roster. You will receive an email confirming your registration and access to your donation page.
  2. Your fundraising page will automatically be set up in your Team Centre – just add email addresses of your friends and contacts to start fundraising. BBSC has inserted a standardized text that you can send out to friends and contacts that you wish to request donations from. If you wish, feel free to edit the text in the pre-loaded emails to give it a personal touch. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration, which includes a link to your Team Centre and a choice of links to continue your registration.
  3. Our goal per team is to raise $1800. In order to achieve this each team member must do their part in raising funds. Once registered, you will be provided an email package that you will be able to share with friend and family assisting your team to raise funds.
  4. If you are looking to register a full or partial team directly, please send an email to [email protected]
  5. All donations are to receive 100% charitable tax receipts.

Want to sponsor or donate? Call 514 733-5377 ex. 128 or email [email protected]



One umpire per game
Max Roster of 15. Games are Co-ed.
Maximum amount of players on the field is 10.
Minimum is eight. An outfield rover position is permitted. No more than five players allowed in the infield.
Minimum of two Women on the field at all times. All players must bat.
Seeding and home-field advantage will be determined by total fundraising.


Game Duration SEE SCHEDULE
Each game is a maximum of 45 minutes.

40 min, with 5 minutes to allow the next game to set up.

Each game will be five innings or time, whatever comes first. Ties are allowed.
Mercy Rule of five runs per inning is in effect for first four innings, unlimited fifth inning.
Finals will be 60 minutes and have unlimited runs after third inning.
Any games halted for any reason will be considered complete after three innings.
Ties allowed in round-robin play
For playoffs, ties in standings will be broken by fundraising total.


Pitching Rules and Gameplay
Slo-Pitch Rules in effect. Pitcher must pitch from the pitching plate or behind it.
Teams are responsible for pitching to themselves.

Five pitches to hit a ball fair or you the batter is out (foul on fifth pitch is an out).
No bunting, no chopping.
Pitchers are not responsible for fielding any balls in play.
Batted ball that hits the pitcher or is fielded by the pitcher is an out.


Base-paths are 60ft.
No stealing allowed. Runner can only leave the base when the ball has been hit.
Runner leaving the base early will be called out (no anticipation step). One leadoff warning per team.
Any hit ball that contacts a base-runner, the runner is called out
Any balls out of play will result in each base runner awarded one base from time of throw.
Zero contact at home plate. Commitment and safety line are in effect.
Runners do not touch home plate and there is no sliding into home.
Catcher must catch the ball with foot on home plate before the runner has crossed the safe line for the runner to be called out.
When a runner crosses the commit line, they must continue to home safety line/plate.

Courtesy Runners
Three courtesy runners per team. Runner must be the last player called out.
With two outs, a catcher on base must be replaced by a courtesy runner. (last out)


Players are responsible for their own gloves.
Bases and softballs will be provided.
Teams will be provided Batting helmets, Bats and Catchers equipment.
Helmets must be worn at all times when batting and on base or in the on-deck circle.
Catchers equipment must be left at the plate for shared use between teams.
Pitchers must wear a Facemask when on the mound.
All batting helmets will be provided, but teams are recommended to provide their own.
There will be bats provided, but teams are recommended to bring their own. Sanitizing wipes will be available for use to clean facemasks between use.
Only rubber baseball shoes or running shoes are permitted


We are here to bring the community together using sport and family fun at the base. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Absolutely no arguing with the umpire. This is a FUN game.
Any swearing at the umpire results in immediate ejection of the player. NO swearing permitted at the field at anytime.
Teams are responsible for reading all of the rules and unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated.



When is the deadline to register?

We have a limited amount of Team space. It will be given on a first come first served basis. Otherwise, team registration will be closed on June 10.


When does it start?
Teams/representatives will meet at 8:30am on the morning of June 26 for orientation. Team Captains will receive packages for players and instructions on how the Tournament will unfold. Official tournament will start at 9:00am sharp.  Games will end after 45 min. Scores will be kept by BBSC score keeper.  After a teams first two games we recommend taking the time between games to enjoy your lunch and time with your family. The semi-finals will start at 3:45pm with FINALS at 4:30pm on Diamond A.


Do I have to sign up to do fundraising?

Fundraising is not a requirement; however, it is one of the main reasons we are doing this tournament. In addition, fundraising leaders will be rewarded! Home team advantage for the top two teams,
and LEADING TEAMS will receive Prizes. All players will need to be registered
on a team to participate. 


How many games will we play?


All teams will play a min. of three games. (weather permitting) Top four teams advance to the semi-finals, winners of semi-finals will play in the finals.


Can I register as an individual?

Yes! BBSC will put together a team and assign a Team Captain if available.


Will I get a charitable tax receipt?
All donors will be issued automatically a charitable tax receipt by B’nai Brith of Canada Foundation.


Can I bring my Family or Friends to watch?

YES! This is a family and friends event hosted by B’nai Brith Sports of Canada for the community. There will be entertainment with a friendly KIDS ZONE, and ample food and beverage available for purchase at a minimal cost.


Where are the funds raised going?

We are the grassroots voice of the Jewish community, and the country’s oldest
independent and self-funded national Jewish organization. B’nai Brith Canada
relies on the generosity of our donors to realize the following goals: 

resources and information to victims. 

SUPPORTING CANADIAN STUDENTS with advice, assistance and resources
when faced with discrimination and antisemitism on campus. 

DAILY PROGRAMS AND SERVICES designed to help inform, stimulate and
keep seniors active, as well as create lasting friendships and maintain ties to their

PROVIDING AFFORDABLE HOUSING and other vital resources for our
community’s most vulnerable.





Sponsors and Community Partners


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