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What can you do if I've been the victim of antisemitism?

What can you do if I've been the victim of antisemitism?

We can do a number of things to assist you.

We can help you to understand the steps necessary in filing a complaint with the police (and in many cases, connect you with hate crimes units in your area), assist you in filing a complaint with other agencies (e.g., the Human Rights Commission), or help you find legal representation or other professional services (e.g., counselling, security consultations, etc.). We may also act as an advocate on your behalf, writing letters of support or offering expert statements to proceedings. In some cases, we offer educational resources to employers, schools or other agencies. Finally, we maintain detailed aggregate statistics on the rates and types of antisemitism being experienced in Canada, which we use to make recommendations to policy makers, governments and officials. Simply adding your story and sharing your experience uniquely positions B'nai Brith in its advocacy efforts on behalf of victims of racism, discrimination and bigotry. 

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