B’nai Brith is providing without comment links to articles that have given a podium to Mayoralty and Council candidates to express their platforms: Additional newsworthy items will be added to this section prior to the October 24 election.

To aid voters, B’nai Brith is providing the City of Toronto’s official list of Mayoralty candidates., That list shows the contact emails and telephone numbers as well as websites and social media sites provided by the various candidates. Interested voters can follow up through this information.

Candidates for Mayor

NameNomination DateEmailPhoneConnect:(opens in a new window)
Acton, Blake02-May-2022[email protected]416-816-2527Website for Blake ActonTwitter for Blake ActonFacebook for Blake ActonOther for Blake Acton
Arrobas, Avraham18-Aug-2022[email protected] Instagram for Avraham Arrobas
Atkinson, Darren19-Aug-2022[email protected] Website for Darren AtkinsonLinkedIn for Darren Atkinson
Brown, Chloe-Marie19-Aug-2022[email protected] Website for Chloe-Marie BrownTwitter for Chloe-Marie BrownFacebook for Chloe-Marie BrownInstagram for Chloe-Marie Brown
Buckingham, Drew18-Aug-2022   
Caputolan, Elvira19-Aug-2022   
Clarke, Kevin17-Aug-2022   
Climenhaga, Sarah29-Jun-2022[email protected]437-264-6416Website for Sarah ClimenhagaTwitter for Sarah ClimenhagaFacebook for Sarah ClimenhagaInstagram for Sarah Climenhaga
D’Cruze, Phillip13-May-2022[email protected]416-443-1486Website for Phillip D'CruzeTwitter for Phillip D'CruzeFacebook for Phillip D'CruzeInstagram for Phillip D'Cruze
Deville, Cory22-Jun-2022   
Efimovskikh, Alexey25-Jul-2022   
Gamk, Isabella02-Aug-2022   
Gupta, Arjun19-Aug-2022   
Handjis, Peter19-Aug-2022   
Hatton, Robert18-Aug-2022[email protected] Website for Robert Hatton
Hossain, Monowar02-Aug-2022[email protected]  
Hossain, Soaad04-Aug-2022[email protected]647-892-2470Website for Soaad HossainTwitter for Soaad HossainFacebook for Soaad HossainOther for Soaad Hossain
Jamal, Khadijah18-Aug-2022[email protected]416-838-9335LinkedIn for Khadijah Jamal
Langenfeld, Kris06-Jun-2022   
Letonja, John11-May-2022[email protected]647-785-5055Website for John Letonja
Luk, Tony02-May-2022   
Malek, Ferin17-Aug-2022[email protected]647-804-2786Facebook for Ferin MalekLinkedIn for Ferin Malek
Penalosa, Gil14-Jul-2022[email protected] Website for Gil PenalosaTwitter for Gil Penalosa
Punwasi, Stephen11-Aug-2022[email protected] Website for Stephen PunwasiTwitter for Stephen PunwasiFacebook for Stephen PunwasiInstagram for Stephen Punwasi
Renée, D!ONNE19-Aug-2022[email protected] Twitter for D!ONNE RenéeYoutube for D!ONNE Renée
Schwartz, Kyle02-May-2022[email protected]  
Singh, Knia19-Aug-2022[email protected]647-559-3334Website for Knia Singh
Srivastava, Sandeep12-Aug-2022[email protected]647-855-4466Website for Sandeep SrivastavaTwitter for Sandeep SrivastavaFacebook for Sandeep Srivastava
Tory, John02-May-2022[email protected]647-492-5244Website for John ToryTwitter for John ToryFacebook for John ToryInstagram for John Tory
Tull, Reginald02-May-2022[email protected]647-398-6192Website for Reginald TullTwitter for Reginald Tull
Yan, Jack05-Jul-2022[email protected] Website for Jack Yan

B’nai Brith’s website focuses on candidates who were shown by public polling to have support of more than 5%. 

But campaigns can change public perceptions. B’nai Brith is accordingly providing information on some of the other candidates to aid readers have a fuller comprehension. Some candidates do not have a website or social media and have not been reported in any recent news stories.