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The Committee for Justice in Canada

The Committee for Justice in Canada is B'nai Brith's political action arm. This office liaises regularly with members of parliament, civil servants, ambassadors and opinion-makers, providing a strong voice on issues of concern to the Jewish Community. B'nai Brith's leadership meets regularly with Canadian politicians and government ministers, and presents the organization's positions on key issues of the day, both national and international. 


During federal and provincial elections, the Committee for Justice in Canada is also responsible for the execution of the Election Task Force, discussed below.

Initiatives & Highlights:

Ministerial Meetings: Members of B'nai Brith's Executive hold meetings with Canada's Prime Minister, provincial premiers, and federal and provincial cabinet members, meeting regularly with political leaders from across the spectrum.

Election Task Force: Before every federal and provincial election, B'nai Brith mounts an election task force campaign. For the 2015 federal election, the B'nai Brith IMPACT election initiative:

  • Conducted a survey of B'nai Brith members and Jewish Canadians from across Canada, polling them on what they thought were the most pressing issues of this election;
  • Used the data gathered via the online survey to prepare an election guide as a resource for politicians and community members, highlighting the issues of greatest concern;
  • Hosted numerous all-candidate debates in key Jewish ridings in Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal, helping connect Jewish voters to the candidates in their ridings.

Policy Proposals and Recommendations to Government: B'nai Brith brings forward issues affecting Jewish communities around the world to the government of their respective countries, through their diplomatic representatives stationed in Canada.  

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