Tell CUPW to Answer Canadians’ Questions

CUPW representatives participate in an anti-Israel rally in Toronto in May of 2018

August 2, 2018

TORONTO – Tuesday’s exposé [broken link 1] by B’nai Brith Canada about the ties between CUPW – the labour union for Canada Post workers – and a Palestinian counterpart that supports terrorism has really hit a nerve.

We’ve received responses from countless Canadians from coast to coast, with one question in mind: What can we do to hold CUPW accountable for this outrage?

Some have suggested to boycott Canada Post by using the Internet or registered mail instead. We don’t support this idea – most Canada Post employees have nothing to do with their union’s anti-Israel extremism, and shouldn’t be forced to pay the price.

But CUPW’s radical leadership has refused to respond to our questions on why it would partner with a terror-supporting organization – and that’s unacceptable.

We call on Canadians to email CUPW National President Mike Palecek to demand answers. You can reach him and the rest of the CUPW team at [email protected].

Since Mike has chosen to make his email address publicly inaccessible, you can also tweet at him @Mike_Palecek.

Many have also asked us whether CUPW can legally compel its Jewish and Israeli members to pay fees, which may be used to support a foreign organization that wants to see them murdered. Given the state of the law, the unfortunate answer is: yes, they can.

The Canada Labour Code permits workers to opt out of union membership and fees – but only if they object to union membership in principle, rather than the policies or practices of their union. We find this state of affairs to be irrational and indefensible, and are working through a variety of avenues to have it changed.

With your support, we will continue to hold institutions accountable for their links to terrorism and antisemitism.

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