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Are Member States Finally Waking Up to UNESCO's Anti-Israel Bias?

Sara McCleary In a move that at this point should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has voted yet again in favour of a resolution that is overwhelmingly biased against Israel. Continue reading

Montrealers Rise to the Occasion Once Again to Celebrate Israel

Quebec Confidential   Mike Cohen MONTREAL - Fourteen years ago Montreal businessman, philanthropist and B’nai Brith Canada supporter Amos Sochaczevski felt that the city’s annual Israel rally needed an adrenaline shot. Federation CJA had moved the event from downtown to the suburbs and, as such, it lacked the kind of appeal he felt it deserved. Continue reading

Yom HaShoah Takes On New Prominence in Montreal; B’nai Brith Gets a Big Assist

Quebec Confidential   Mike Cohen MONTREAL - I think it is safe to say that, 72 years after the Allies defeated Nazi Germany and the Axis powers, Holocaust Remembrance Day has never been more visible in Montreal. Continue reading

Canada Needs More Preventative Measures to Fight Antisemitism

Sara McCleary TORONTO – Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke to the World Jewish Congress in New York this week where she stressed Canada’s commitment to fighting radicalization and terrorism – particularly as part of the battle against Islamic State militants. Continue reading

Concordia Student Union Should Apologize for Supporting ‘Passover Against Apartheid’ Event

Sara McCleary MONTREAL – Last week, I wrote about the controversial “Passover Against Apartheid” event held at Concordia University. To recap, the Concordia Student Union (CSU) partnered with the Fine Arts Student Alliance and campus group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (note the absence of any Jewish groups) to host an art exhibit and discussion session on why Passover should be a time to support Palestinians “in the face of Israel’s apartheid state,” and to think about, “What blessings can we use to replace ‘Next year in Jerusalem?’” Continue reading

Montreal City Hall Continues B'nai Brith Yom HaShoah Tradition

Quebec Confidential   Mike Cohen MONTREAL - As Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre prepares for the 2017 elections in November, there is no question that he has the support of the Jewish community behind him. Continue reading

Passover BDS Event a Disgusting Display of Religious Appropriation at Concordia

Sara McCleary MONTREAL – Posters marked with the words "Passover Against Apartheid" were plastered around the Concordia University campus on Monday, shortly before the start of Passover, promoting an event being held Thursday, April 13 called – you guessed it – “Passover Against Apartheid.” It is being hosted by the groups Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights,  the Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA), and the Concordia Student Union.  Continue reading

Jewish Chronicle Op-Ed Blasting Antisemitism Stats is Way Off Base

Sara McCleary TORONTO – Last month, the Toronto Police Service released its hate crimes report for 2016, and as has been the case for over a decade, Jews remained the single most-targeted group. In fact, almost 30 per cent of all reported incidents were aimed towards members of the Jewish community. Continue reading

Feeding the Needy in Montreal: B'nai Brith and MADA Unite for Passover Food Drive

Quebec Confidential Mike Cohen MONTREAL – Last week, a dozen B'nai Brith Canada volunteers enthusiastically headed to the MADA Community Centre warehouse to pick and pack more than 2,000 food baskets. Continue reading

The Jewish Community Will Not Be Intimidated By Hatred

  Sara McCleary Not too long ago, a Jewish centre in Umea, Sweden made the decision to close its doors indefinitely, putting a halt to any activities and use of its building. Continue reading
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