Grassroots human rights advocacy and a lifeline for our community


How to Help University Zionist Advocates

Aedan O'Connor At the beginning of the school year, the pro-Israel club I belong to, Students Supporting Israel (SSI) at Ryerson University, tabled on the university's Clubs Day. Continue reading

The UN’s Obsession with Israel

Kevin Budning For a moment try and imagine that Israel is the prettiest girl in her high school class. She is smart, kind, giving, and for the most part, admired by her peers. Continue reading

Defending Your Judaism On All Fronts

Tevy Pilc Earlier this week, an Orthodox Jewish student at Montreal's Concordia University was reportedly bullied by a peer over his decision to wear a kippah. Continue reading

Anti-Zionism and the Freedom of Religious Expression for Jewish People

David Matas As a private practice lawyer engaged in refugee, immigration and international human rights work, the majority of the clients I see are refugee claimants or relatives in Canada trying to help family member refugees abroad. The international human rights work I do is mostly advocacy for NGOs on matters relating to grave violations of international human rights law. Continue reading

Changing of the Guard: Three Montreal-area Synagogues Welcome New Rabbis

Quebec Confidential  Mike Cohen Montreal’s Jewish community is about to mark its first Rosh Hashanah in many years minus the presence of three extraordinary spiritual leaders: Rabbis Sidney Shoham, Ron Aigen and Chaim Steinmetz. Continue reading

I Get Harassed Because I'm Jewish - Does Anybody Care?

Aedan O'Connor Every child has fears that appear silly to adults. Mine was the telephone. Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in the U.S. Presidential Election

Sara McCleary After Sept. 11, 2001 fear became a major player in world politics, as people voted for the leaders they felt would keep them safe in an unstable world. Continue reading

Who Will Win in the PQ Leadership Race? Cloutier or Lisée?

Quebec Confidential Mike Cohen If a provincial election were held today in Quebec, Premier Philippe Couillard’s Liberals would likely be back in office with another majority government. Continue reading

An Evening with Dr. Asher Grunis, Former President of the Supreme Court of Israel

Simon Pelsmakher On Sept. 20, Dr. Asher Grunis, former President of the Supreme Court of Israel, visited Windsor, Ont. to discuss the uniqueness of Israeli constitutional law. He was accompanied by Amanda Hohmann, Director of the League for Human Rights at B’nai Brith Canada. Continue reading

Emboldening the University Zionist Voice

Aedan O'Connor I wholeheartedly support fellow University Zionists. We are in an intellectual battleground where our ideas are being stifled by the regressive left masquerading as liberalism and free speech. Continue reading
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