government relations

The Committee advocates on behalf of Jewish Canadians for their rights of freedom of conscience and religion. It makes representations to federal, provincial and municipal orders of government and the diplomatic community on issues of concern to the Jewish community, and educates policy-makers, decision-makers and the public on these issues. The Committee articulates the interests of the grassroots Jewish community in the promotion of human rights and diversity, and in combating antisemitism and hate speech.

The Committee encourages Jewish Canadians to participate in the democratic process and educates voters in the Jewish community on candidate positions. It renders assistance to government and other civil society organizations, the diplomatic community, policy institutes, academic institutions, and the media, by supplying information collected and analyzed through research by B’nai Brith Canada and its League for Human Rights.

The Committee works with government institutions and law enforcement agencies and organizations to pursue practical and durable solutions to the societal threat of hate speech and hate crimes, regarded as threats to the public safety of all Canadians. The Committee supports efforts by B’nai Brith Canada and its League for Human Rights in combatting antisemitism and hate speech on university campuses and in the classroom.

The Committee encourages inter-religious cooperation and the interpretation of Judaism and Jewish life in Canada to those embracing other creeds. The Committee helps explain to Jewish Canadians the nature of policies under consideration by government and the policies articulated by political parties that affect the interests of the grassroots Jewish community.

The Committee supports the articulation B’nai Brith Canada’s objectives and activities in the areas of social justice and community care.

Those interested in contacting the Committee can do so by emailing [email protected].