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For Those in Need, This Crisis is Not Over

The needy need us. Can you help us help them?

Our COVID-19 Emergency Food Drive is still in full force and delivering to a growing number of vulnerable community members. Every week, B'nai Brith Canada receives more calls for food assistance from seniors, people living under the poverty line, Holocaust survivors, veterans, shut-ins and folks with disabilities. 

Our food drive is funded and operated entirely by caring community members and receives no financial support from any outside organization. We rely solely on your donations. 

This program provides kosher food, free of charge, for at-risk people who need it and otherwise could not afford it or access it safely. We gear up with masks and gloves to deliver the boxes straight to the doors of the recipients.

We also check on all recipients to ensure that they are okay – from a safe physical distance, of course – and our caring volunteers spend time with them in short social visits. This is especially important because most of the recipients have not left their homes during COVID-19, leaving them feeling depressed and isolated.


Our Emergency Food Drive began on March 23. We are now in our 13th week - and we are committed to keep on helping those at risk until this crisis is over.

Meet Andrea, devoted staff member and volunteer.

Andrea works at B’nai Brith Canada but is such a strong supporter of our food program that she volunteers many hours of her time every week to help with deliveries. Here’s why she does it:

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People Helping People. That’s what we do. And thanks to your financial support, that’s what we will continue to do.
The needy need us. Can you help us help them?




Published : Jun 10, 2020
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