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Emergency Response Food Drive – We're Here for the Long Run

As we all know, COVID-19 has been devastating to many.

It has wreaked havoc upon vital services and institutions in the Toronto Jewish community and has dealt severe blows to far too many community members.

This horrific pandemic has meant that seniors, Holocaust survivors, folks with mental and physical disabilities, shut-ins, war veterans and people living below the poverty line have lost access to many of the important programs they irrefutably need. 

As certain food banks and daily programs have shut down across the Greater Toronto Area, B’nai Brith’s Emergency Response Food Drive and its valiant volunteers have often meant the difference between safety and disaster for so many vulnerable community members.

Meet Donna, a vulnerable cancer survivor.

She lives on a strictly fixed income in downtown Toronto and can hardly afford her basic necessities. When COVID-19 hit, life deteriorated from bad to worse for her. Donna was terrified about her next meals - from where would they come? She couldn’t shop for herself. In serious need of assistance, she reached out to B’nai Brith.
“I can’t seem to get help anywhere. That’s how I ended up contacting B’nai Brith. And I’m grateful to B’nai Brith for responding to me.”
Our volunteers came to her aid. We ensured that Donna would not put her health at risk to get access to food – and we will continue to do so for as long as necessary.

People Helping People. That’s what we do. And thanks to your financial support, that’s what we will continue to do.

Your donations make a major difference in the lives of Donna and countless others in similar situations.

Please continue to help us help them.


Published : May 19, 2020
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