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Bora Laskin Society - B'nai Brith Canada

Antisemitism is on the rise...

As lawyers, we have the ability to act as a united force against this growing threat. Named for the first Jewish Chief Justice to sit on the Supreme Court of Canada, the Bora Laskin Society is being established as the association representing Jewish lawyers in Toronto. Working in conjunction with B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights, our goal is to build a strong network of activist lawyers in every area of the law, dedicated to standing up for justice in our community. Since 1982, the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada has tracked antisemitism in Canada, and our Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents continues to be cited as the authoritative source by Statistics Canada, the US State Department, the OSCE, academics, international NGOs and the worldwide media. Our Anti-Hate Hotline, at no cost to victims, provides ongoing support to the victims of antisemitism across our nation on a daily basis, which necessitates regular and close contact with police and government agencies. We have a vast wealth of experience with legal proceedings, legislative initiatives, research projects, educational programs and community actions that directly bear upon human rights in Canada and other countries.


For a minimum annual donation of $250.00, you will enable our community to take action against antisemitism and hate, while also receiving the following benefits: 

Access to CLE events and hours
Networking opportunities with prominent lawyers and activists
Become a member of B’nai Brith Canada
Receive important community updates on human rights issues
Use your legal skills to improve the state of human rights
Do you have friends, colleagues or family members who are lawyers concerned with the growing issue of antisemitism in our country, and the desire to act in the name of human rights?

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