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Best Ball

Four Man Best Ball Modified

Four player best ball modified is when all four players in a group are working together to achieve the best possible two scores. As every hole played only counts the best two scores handed in per team, the foursome has the ability to shoot much lower than each individual's score.

Best Ball Basics

When playing as a foursome in a best-ball modified event, all four players in a group are working together as part of a team. Each player tees off and plays the hole in the order of the team's choosing, with each player completing the hole with their own ball. At the end of the hole, only the best two scores handed in by any two players on the hole are counted as the team's score. If, for example, Team A plays a hole and the players shoot 3, 4, 5 and 6, respectively, and Team B has all four players with a score of 4, Team A would have the better score for the hole, 7 to Team B's 8, even though A had 18 total strokes to B's 16.

Shot Gun Start: 12:30PM

Golf operations staff will be situated at the start of each row of carts and will lead the players to their tee.
While play is under way, each nine will have Player Assistants/Marshals available to the guests.

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