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David Matas: Kerry is Dead Wrong When it Comes to Settlements

David Matas In some 48 hours, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. His administration has already signalled a dramatic shift from policies introduced under soon-to-be former President Barack Obama, spanning issues such as healthcare, Iran, international trade, the United Nations, and perhaps most vocally, Israel. Continue reading

A Swastika in the Snow: What I Got for Defending the Jewish Community

Sara McCleary Though my ancestry makes me Jewish and I have family members who are observant, I myself have never been a practicing member of the Jewish community. I write for B’nai Brith Canada as it helps me learn about my family’s roots and because I’m fundamentally opposed to any kind of hatred, so I’m proud to have an outlet where I can call out those who are antisemitic or otherwise prejudiced. I personally have never felt at risk, or that there was even a chance I’d become a target of such intense hatred. Continue reading

Former Cantor Accused of Extortion by Montreal Synagogue

Quebec Confidential Mike Cohen Congregation Adath Israel – based out of the Montreal island suburb of Hampstead – is standing by its spiritual leader, Rabbi Michael Whitman, after a barrage of social media attacks were directed against him by the synagogue’s former cantor, Shmuel Levin. Continue reading

In Defence of Jewish and Israeli Studies in Canada

Willem Hart Canadian Jews, as do all minority ethnic groups, possess the right to work together as an identifiable group to build and advance a community. Continue reading

Are Hate Crimes Up or Are People Just Finally Taking Notice?

Sara McCleary Full disclosure – I personally am not a supporter of U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump. But in recent weeks I’ve come to realize that, in one way at least, we owe him some gratitude. Continue reading

Here’s Hoping the New UN Secretary-General is More Diplomatic

Sara McCleary Two weeks ago, I wrote about now former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s 11th-hour admission that the UN has spent a decade passing “a disproportionate number of resolutions, reports, and committees against Israel.” Mere days later, the UN Security Council approved what has been described as the most severe resolution it has yet to pass against Israel. Continue reading

B’nai Brith Continues a Hanukkah Candle Lighting Tradition

Quebec ConfidentialMike Cohen For the past 40 years and counting, B'nai Brith Canada has organized Hanukkah Candle Lighting ceremonies at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) in Montreal. This began with – and still remains – a proud community volunteer service project of B’nai Brith’s Maple Leaf Lodge. Continue reading

"Settlements" Are Not The Problem

Willem Hart It is truly astounding that the issue of "settlements" – a politically loaded term used for Israeli residential planning and development in ancestral Judea and Samaria – has dominated the discussion on Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Continue reading

Finally Admitting the UN's Anti-Israel Bias

Sara McCleary Conventional wisdom holds that the first step to resolving a conflict is admitting that there is a problem. Continue reading

B’nai Brith Canada Gives the Ladies of Chez Doris a Boost

Quebec ConfidentialMike Cohen  Founded in 1977, Chez Doris is a day shelter for vulnerable women living in Montreal, offering a safe environment for up to 100 women every day. The shelter is open seven days a week and provides women with various essentials such as breakfast and lunch, access to showers, hygienic products, emergency food bags, respite beds, custodial services, financial management programs, an Inuit assistance program, an aboriginal housing placement service, health and mental health services, legal services, and educational and socio-recreational programs. Continue reading
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