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WATCH: CityNews Interviews B'nai Brith on Antisemitic Graffiti at Vaughan School

July 4, 2017 CityNews interviewed Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B'nai Brith Canada, about an incident in which antisemitic and racist graffiti  and disturbing messages were found on the walls of a high school in Vaughan, Ont Continue reading

Join B’nai Brith Canada’s Seniors’ Program!

 Seniors take part in a Music Day at B'nai Brith Canada headquarters July 4, 2017 By Robin GrossmanSeniors Program CoordinatorB'nai Brith Canada At the start of each month, B’nai Brith Canada releases a program calendar detailing its subsidized seniors programming and services offered at its headquarters in Toronto. The month of June was a particularly special month for seniors at B’nai Brith’s Affordable Housing residences across the province, as it marked the 33rd annual Seniors’ Month in Ontario. Continue reading

Antisemitic, Racist Graffiti Stains York Region High School

June 30, 2017  By Tevy Pilc and Dahlia HorlickStaff Writer/Researcher | Campus Advocacy ResearcherB'nai Brith Canada June 30, 2017  TORONTO -  "Jews did 9/11." Continue reading

Over 100 Quebecers En Route to Israel for 20th Annual Maccabiah Games

Quebec Confidential Mike Cohen June 30, 2017 MONTREAL - With the 20th Maccabiah Games set to kick off next Thursday at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem, more than 100 Quebecers are set to join a Canadian delegation of 600-plus athletes and staff from seven provinces. Continue reading

CBC Radio Show Must Present A Balanced Argument on Israel

Shlomo Sand (Photo Credit: Verso Books) June 29, 2017 By Gabrielle SamraCultural Development ResearcherB'nai Brith Canada MONTREAL – B’nai Brith Canada is urging ICI Radio-Canada Première (the French-language counterpart of CBC/Radio-Canada) to present a balanced argument on the Arab-Israeli conflict after historian Shlomo Sand promoted falsehoods about the Jewish state that went unchallenged during its morning radio show Dessine-moi un dimanche. Continue reading

With Hate Crimes on the Rise, We Should All Follow Harry Potter's Example

  Sara McCleary June 29, 2017 This week marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the first in the Harry Potter series. It might seem strange to bring that up here, in an opinion piece for B’nai Brith Canada, but as a fan of the series I think it can be useful to consider the lessons J.K. Rowling has taught an entire generation. Continue reading

He’s a two-time Olympian and a Doctor. And Yes, He’s Also Jewish.

Josh Binstock (Photo Credit: Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press) June 23, 2017 By Matthew SilverSpecial to B'nai Brith Canada It’s rare enough to find a Jewish beach volleyball player, let alone one that has two Olympic appearances and a Doctor of Chiropractic to his name. But that’s just reality for Dr. Josh Binstock, who retired from the professional tour last year to start his full-time career as a chiropractor.  Continue reading

A Lesson for Jewish Students at York University

  Robin Grossman  June 23, 2017 During my first year of post-secondary education at York University, I enrolled in courses that discussed colonialism and racism, where most of my peers were visible minorities and victims of racism. Yet, even though I’m part of a minority group myself, I always felt like the odd one out. What was my place in those courses? Why was I always the only Jew in class, and what would happen if I started sharing my experiences as a Jew? Continue reading

Noted Jewish Community Members Recognized with D’Arcy-McGee Citizenship Medals

Quebec Confidential Mike Cohen June 23, 2017 When David Birnbaum became the Quebec Member of the National Assembly for the riding of D’Arcy-McGee, he was excited to learn that he had the privilege to bestow medals to other members of the community. Continue reading

U.S. Holocaust Denier to Speak at Toronto al-Quds Day Rally

June 20, 2017 By Aidan FishmanCampus Advocacy CoordinatorB'nai Brith Canada Kevin Barrett, a notorious Holocaust denier from the United States, has accepted an invitation to address the Toronto al-Quds Day rally on June 24 at Queen’s Park, B’nai Brith Canada has learned. Continue reading
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